Catering Menu



Ceasar Salad cups ($2)

Endive Apple Pecan Balsamic Salad ($3)

Mexican Salad Bites ($3 per guest)

Bacon Wrapped Peppers ($2 extra per guest)

Mini Taquitos ($1 extra per guest)

Mini Quesadillas ($2 extra per guest)

Tortilla cups & Guacamole ($2 extra per guest

Mini Ceviche Tostadas ($3 extra per guest)

Mini Cocktel de Camaron ($3 extra per guest)

MARKET CRUDITÉS Assorted fresh cut vegetables served with buttermilk ranch. $6.00 per person Sub hummus or green goddess for $1.00 per person


DELUXE CHEESE PLATTER Variety of cheeses from served with fruit, nuts, cheese preserves and fine crackers. 3 Cheese - $10.50 pp 4-Cheese - $11.50 pp 5-Cheese - $12.50 pp


CHARCUTERIE PLATTER To include sopressata, prosciutto, italian salami, pâté, pickled accompaniments, mixed olives and crostini. $10.00 per person 

ANTIPASTO PLATTER Three cheeses served with cured meats, olives, pickled accompaniments, marinated artichoke hearts, fresh fruit and nuts served with crostini, grilled bread and crackers. $12.50 per person 




 HERB MEDITERRANEAN SHRIMP (GF) Served with a lemon basil aioli. $2.25 per piece 

PUFF PASTRY CANAPÉ (V) Whipped goat cheese, olive tapenade, and asparagus. $2.75 per piece ANTIPASTO SKEWER (GF) Salami, pepperoncini, Italian cheese and olive. $2.75 per piece 

PIG'N BLANKET with a creamy dijon dipping sauce. $2.50 per piece

MAC’N CHEESE BITES (V) with truffle dipping sauce. $2.50 per piece COCONUT-LIME CHICKEN SATAY with spicy peanut sauce. $2.75 per piece 

MARINATED BEEF SATAY with our house chimichurri $2.75 per piece ALL JUMBO LUMP CRAB CAKES with cornishon remoulade $3.50 per piece 

MINI BBQ BACON CHEESEBURGERS homemade brioche, tillamook cheddar, bbq mayo & carm onions. $2.00 per piece 

CRAB-STUFFED MUSHROOMS Served with sriracha aioli. $3.00 per piece   

BEEF WELLINGTONS Puff pastry, filet mignon, mushroom duxelles and red wine reduction. $3.25 per piece 

VEGETABLE EMPANADAS (V) onions, eggplant, peppers, sundried tomatoes, black beans, cheddar-jack. Served with a chipotle aoli. $2.75 per piece 

SMOKED BRISKET PICADILLO EMPANADAS Served with chimichurri. $2.75 per piece