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Bubble Milk Tea


  1. Classic Black Milk Tea 
  2. Coconut Mango Milk Tea 
  3. Coconut Milk Tea 
  4. Horchata 
  5. Earl Grey Milk Tea 
  6. Hazelnut Milk Tea 
  7. Hokkaido Milk Tea 
  8. Green Milk Tea 
  9. Honey Milk Tea 
  10. Honeydew Milk Tea 
  11. Iced Matcha Milk Tea 
  12. Iced Jasmine Milk Tea  
  13. Lychee Milk Tea w/ bits
  14. Okinawa Milk Tea 
  15. Oolong Milk Tea  
  16. Matcha Milk Tea 

Shaved Ice Menu


Coffee Shaved Ice 

Deluxe Shaved Ice 

(Red Bean Shaved Ice) 

Green Tea Shaved Ice 

Hawaiian Shaved Ice 

(Fruit Bowl Shaved Ice w/ Caramel Drizzle) 

Special (Fruit Bowl Shaved Ice w/ Strawberry Drizzle

 Mango Shaved Ice



 Caramel Appletini

Tastes just like a caramel apple pop! Sour apple mix combines beautifully with caramel


A creamy, sparkling, lemonade combined with a homemade blueberry syrup. Served in a martini glass and garnished with a lemon twist and blueberries.


Mary Jane

Relax with the sweet and mellow combination of Melon, Pineapple juice, Coconut, Sweet and Sour, Blue Curacao,Top With a Cherry. 


Dreamsicle Mimosa

Orange sherbet blends with Fre Brut, a de-alcholized Champagne from Napa Valley, creating a delicious, creamy, bubbly treat! 





The Open Bar is the most common option for events such as weddings, business parties, etc. For Open Bars, the host covers all drink costs, and guests may go to the bar and order drinks at no cost to them. We offer several methods to determine the price of an Open Bar: Per-Guest based, Consumption based, Ticketed, and Bar Tab pricing. taco catering chipotle catering

Teen and Kids Party Catering


 While a good bar is always in demand, Always offering thoughtful consideration on many levels.  Some events (such as baby showers ,bridesmaids luncheons or company events) are often not appropriate for hard alcohol.  Further, you can still get the sexy look of a regular cocktail in fancy glasses and presentation as you can with alcoholic beverages.  

Halo Halo Dessert Catering


Halo Halo is a classic Filipino shaved ice dessert.Made with love and Top with delicious leche flan.THIRTEEN ingredients making it much larger than most Halo Halos out there so you may want to share... or maybe not.