Event Beverage Catering



 Are you looking for coffee service for your next meeting or event? We provide coffee catering for a wide variety of events and groups. Our main goal is to provide every guest with a delicious cup of coffee, presented beautifully.  


 100 cups Fresh Hot Drip Coffee
 $120 with cups & condiments

Includes 8oz paper cups, half & half, sugar, stir sticks
Alternative Milks . . . . . $6/quart
Almond, soy or oat
Hot Tea . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1/sachet  
Tea from Metolius or Two Leaves

Mocktail Mixologists

Bartenders,Servers,Event Managers

Mocktail packages are a hit with adults and kids alike. With the addition of fresh fruits, juices and infusions, these sophisticated alternatives to typical non-alcoholic beverages such as sugary carbonated sodas, strike the perfect balance between indulgence and healthfulness. Inspired by the poolside resorts of Miami and other tropical locations, mocktails have become a serious drink in their own right and perfect for all occasions where alcohol is not required.

 Our Popular Mocktails Virgin Mojito, Pina Colada, Shirley Temple, Virgin Cosmopolitan, Vegas Nights, Miami Vice, L.A. Sunset ​Be it a Shirley Temple, Vegas Nights,  these vibrant and flavourful mocktails will definitely be the highlight of your event. Served by our friendly and outgoing staff, these mocktails add a novel dimension to your party.